CLEAVE – The Rock Band of Manipur


“First there was darkness, and God says let there be light and in a moment there was light”.Somehow the above line is very much related to me. Briefly speaking i was no one, i was not even created but due to the prophecy of the old priest it was foretold that a child will be born to “Thoudam Dhanabir” and “Th. Khurai Leima” who will one day rule the entire kingdom of the Heavy Metal Rock Dynasty with a shiny black guitar in his hand.So, now that i am here in this world i’ll rock the world with my guitar in any means i can. I guarantee to each and everyone(young or old) that i with my other four fingers-“Ta Bruce(Tinki),Ta Anger(Tutu),Buddy(Billai) and Da Ton(Khunjaoba)” will rock the crowd in any circumstance possible. Now lets go to some of my facts- As a child i was always inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theatre, Halloween, Judas Priest, etc and often dreamt of becoming a rock icon. From the standard of 9th, I started performing on stage whenever i got the chance. I was born on 16th Dec.1989 and i am presently residing at “Khurai Thoudam Leikai”. Lastly I want to make it public that “FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS THE NOISE WILL ALWAYS BE MINE”.

Halloweed Be Thy Name


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