CLEAVE – The Rock Band of Manipur



Presently,working with the brothers of the band he is in the quest of “Sublime Melodies” that can penetrate deep in the ear drums of Heavy Metal Rock lovers.Friends may call him a MENTAL but on the other side he entertains himself by composing new guitar riffs and altering various Musical pieces. Briefly speaking, no leisure Time is guaranteed to all those who are of no relation to his Crew (CLEAVE).But it doesn’t mean that he is firm and rigid, but turning out friendly and loyal is guaranteed to people who belongs to the HEAVY METAL ROCK dynasty. It can also be said that he is the trigger of the band, where a gun cannot be fired without it. Simply one can take him as the trusted member among this talented union of artists.So the above lines can be added to some of his personal data. Born to the family of R.K.Jadumani and M.Joymati, he is the 3rd child who in his childhood days was very naughty.Presently he is residing at Soibam Leikai(Old Checkon Bazar). As a turning point in his musical world he in his school days met with Sonamani(Tinki,Present vocalist of the band), and always wandered with thoughts of forming a band someday. They somehow came up with the imaginary name ADIDAM as their band’s name, which means “All DAY I DREAM ABOUT MUSIC”. So he began to practice playing guitar and participated in any function of the school, where he and Tinki presented songs as a duet. So now fortunately, he gets the golden chance to perform in front of the public as a Rock Band. He is always inspired by one of his cousins, Late M.Sunil( or his “Da Sunil”) who always regarded music as the only means to bring peace and to create oneness in this varied world. According to him, bands like Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Halloween, Dream Theatre will always remain as the source of inspiration in his musical career. Let’s see if he adds magic to his fingers……………


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